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Okay, I managed to get a hold of a DVD of this. I was able to extract the audio by chapter. That split it up into how we have it listed in the Disc Chapters tracklist. I have never seen the packaging for this, so I don't know if the English / Japanese tracklists are present on it, but these names do come up during the DVD in the bottom-left corner for each piece when they start. As for the Disc Chapter names, I have no idea where they come from, like "Voices Opening (Orchestra Tuning)" or "Talk with the Audience 1 (MC-1)". Whoever knows anything about that could possibly solve some of my curiosity about this entry. At any rate, if there is a tracklist present on the packaging, then that's the one we should have in the entry here, and the other one should go in the comments field. If there is no tracklist on the packaging, then we should keep the English / Japanese tracklists and put the Disc Chapters in the comments field. The different lengths of the tracklists cause real confusion, especially because the track times don't even match up with the tracks that are shared between the two.

Also, a... unit... called GYA did the chorus according to the small roll of credits at the beginning of the DVD. I've added that to the "Performed by" field. If GYA was already split up into the individual people, my bad.

EDIT: I've also adjusted the track times a second here or there based on what I ripped... it's straight from the DVD and should be accurate (I'm not sure if the track times we had were taken from MP3s or something, in which the times can vary based on things like padding). Also, for the last track, there are two... chapters: something little blip of silence just over 1 second, and then the 13:04 track. I just omitted the silence from the track length. If you think it belongs there, change it back to 13:06, or keep it like that and add a track between 27 and 28 and make it 1 second. It's hard to know what really "belongs" or what's a "real track" when you're dealing with media like a DVD

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