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Okay so heres what the tracklist looks like on the inside of the DVD case.


01. Prelude (Final Fantasy Series)
02. Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VII)
03. MC-1
04. Fisherman's Horizon (Final Fantasy VII)
05. Song of Prayer (Final Fantasy X)
06. Suteki da ne (Final Fantasy X)
07. MC-2
08. Final Fantasy Doowop Medley
09 The Place I'll Return to Someday ~ Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX)
10. MC-3
11. Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy Series)
12. Prima Vista Band (Final Fantasy IX)
13. The Promised Land (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
14. Opening Theme Memoro de la S^tono ~ Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy XI)
15. MC-4
16. Eyes On Me (Final Fantasy VIII)
17. Kiss Me Good Bye (Final Fantasy XII)
18. MC-5
19. Opera ''Maria and Draco'' (Final Fantasy VI)
20. Swing de Chocobo (Final Fantasy Series)
21. One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)

the other VOICES

01. the other VOICES
02. Special Interview: Nobuo Uematsu, Arnie Roth
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