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The reason why ゆうゆうはくしょ being on this album is particularly important is because yes, you could romanize ゆう as "yu", and this is the official romanization in any region, but this requires nothing more than cutting off the う. As far as the whole scheme goes, ゆう and ゆ would then be no different, which isn't the case and is why う even exists.

I know this might sound like it conflicts with something like "Family Computer", but remember that we're dealing with Japanese terms here; obviously there's going to be a lot more "freedom" with romanization than if you were dealing with a loanword (never mind that the current romanization systems allow one to be as accurate or confusing as you can really get). So I think it'd be better that, when there isn't a romanization present on the particular album, we romanize Japanese terms in general normally for the sake of being accurate to whatever particular album titles, regardless of any other romanizations outside the album itself. Honestly, it sounds like the same logic behind keeping typos, but...

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