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The Heroic Legend of Arslān Original Soundtrack
Artist: 鹤来 正基 (piano player) = Masaki Tsurugi
Source 1 (Striking similar names)
Source 2 Source 3 (Nobuo Nakahara, who also performs on The Heroic Legend of Arslān, and Masaki Tsurugi have worked together in a few albums)

The Candidate For Goddess Original Soundtrack
Artist: 小杉眞子 (piano player) = Shinko Ogata
Source 1 (I guess it's easy to confuse 杉 with 形)
Source 2 (On this album it's credited as 小杉眞子 and this album is also mentioned on the personal site of Shinko Ogata)

Top wo Nerae 2! Original Soundtrack
Artist: 佐沼美千代 (horn player) = Michiyo Sanuma
Source 1 (DrillSpin profile)
Source 2 (MPN for good measure)

TV Anime Hoshi no Kirby Original Soundtrack
Artist: 崎由 = 濱崎由紀 (clarinet player) = Yuki Hamasaki
Source 1 (I'm quite sure that 濱崎由紀 it's this artist true name. Just compare the matches you found with "浜崎由起" and with "濱崎由紀", it's quite revealing)
Source 2 (濱崎由紀 and 十亀正司 [Masashi Togame] are mentioned as clarinet instructors of 安藤綾花, so maybe they have more in common than just this album)

11eyes Opening Theme "Lunatic Tears..." / Ayane
Artist: 北村真 (guitar player) = Shin Kitamura (Not enough information)
Source 1 (His defunct website. A little profile of this artist is available in english. It says that he's a support guitarist in live performances and studio recordings)

Artist: 宮内寛之 (horn player) = Hiroyuki Miyauchi
Source 1 (I cannot say for certain whether it's a picture of this artist but it's quite likely, anyway he works as an horn instructor)
Source 2 (Member of the Japanisch-Deutsche Horn Club, and I think I can recognize him next to the little girl, first photo)
Source 3 (Information of his Facebook account: 東京芸術大学 ホルン専攻 [Horn Department], and his romanized account)

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