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Default RPGFan Music Podcast

Hey there folks. Sorry to sound like a shill, but I figured I'm among fellow VGM-lovers here. I'm the head of the music section at RPGFan right now, and we started a music podcast a few months back. We talk about albums we've recently reviewed (and play some music from them) and then we have a specific topic we talk about/listen to in the second section of the show (we've done Dreamcast music, world map themes (volume 1), and a two-part Phantasy Star retrospective).

Our *starry-eyed idealistic* goal is to spread the love of VGM to people who may not necessarily have had it before. I also make it my personal mission on the show to introduce people to VGM they may not have listened to otherwise, because damn that's fun.

If anyone is interested in listening, you can totally check it out here:

Or on the iTunes-o-sphere

Every episode after 1 contains an embedded link to a page with a full tracklist and links to where you can buy the music, if possible.

Again, sorry to sound like a shill, but I figure some of you all might enjoy the show! If you have feedback or ideas, please do let us know!

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