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Default Join us at MAGFest, a video games and VGM extravaganza

If you're in the western hemisphere, you've no doubt experienced the lack of recognition for game music on this side of the world. Sure, there's lots of love and a dedicated game music community following over here, but a serious lack of even official soundtrack releases. In Japan they have game music releases and events galore, but where could like-minded people in the US possibly congregate to pay homage to their favorite games and music?

Enter MAGFest. Actually, it's been around for quite some time now, but year after year, it's been evolving more and more into what could almost be equated to the US video game equivalent of Comic Market, just not nearly quite as huge. That and it's in DC instead of Tokyo. We're coming out and saying it, we'd like to be known as the place for people this side of the world to both release and get their game-related music and movies.

Several real live video game composers will be present, such as Howard Drossin, Richard Jacques, Jake Kaufman, George Sanger (aka The Fat Man), Tommy Tallarico, and more. Several (12+ this year) live performances of video game cover bands and many new CD releases happen at the show. There's an area called JamSpace where members of groups like (and including) OverClocked ReMix congregate to randomly perform and collaborate on the spot.

The event's small size adds a certain close-knit feeling to the event where you can not only purchase albums from the bands but hang out and party with them, and also a large game room is provided for you to play games with guests and friends alike. Additionally, film groups come to show fanmade video game movies and a video room is set up to screen older movies and cartoons, both original and non.

If you're a part of the VGMdb community, you're obviously into games and game music. We invite and encourage you to come and experience what we have to offer: Four days of video game party and concert in a hotel, geared especially towards people like yourselves. I hope to see you there!

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