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Added one Mario Paint sample (harp glissando) that I was able to identify thanks to Best Service's "Cult Sampler" bundle. Said bundle doesn't give any information on its source beyond "Akai S612 & S900", but the aforementioned catalog I came across has a disk for the S612 that consists of two harp glissandos, so I would assume it's from that. Said Mario Paint song also includes a second upward glissando, which could very likely be the other glissando on that same disk, but there's no way to confirm that at the moment.

This is a really old sampler, and one whose libraries would be particularly hard to get a hold of and search through, seeing as they use a strange QuickDisk format that requires having the original hardware to do anything with them, as opposed to floppy disk or CD based libraries which can be read by a PC with the proper software.

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