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Originally Posted by Vert1 View Post
Are you able to identify past ratings of tracks on this 1-10 system if you played a bunch of songs on random?
I don't know, maybe not so well. And I think my ratings are always +-1, since depending on my mood I might give it a different rating.

First I used 1-5 with 3 as average, which just looked very stupid, since almost all tracks were 3-5 stars. Then I started using 1-10 and that felt great. But after some time, I thought the half stars look stupid and wanted the simplicity of whole stars only. I went back to 1-5, but adjusted my 1-10 rating to it like this:

5 = 9/10
4 = 8
3 = 7
2 = 5/6
1 = 1-4

So basically I rated 1-10 in my mind, then converted to the above scale. It works quite well. But once I again I started feeling stupid. I couldn't distinguish between the outstanding (9) and BEST EVER (10) tracks. So I went back to 1-10 and I feel like it works the best. I don't mind the half stars any more either

Now I'm trying to stop thinking about "average" as a rating for (5), since an average VGM track is "good, I enjoy it" (7). That's why I now rate my tracks something like this:

10 — One of the Best Ever
9 — Outstanding, I love it
8 — Really good, I really like it
7 — Good, I like it
6 — Some good parts
5 — meh, I don't feel anything
4 — Boring / more bad parts than good parts
3 — Bad, I don't like it
2 — Really bad, my mind feels abused
1 — (never given this rating, I think...)

I'm more interested in distinguishing between the tracks inside an album. I usually listen to one album/game at a time anyway and it's the relative goodness that counts. But of course having a standard way of rating (for yourself) is good. For me, numbers are nothing without some descriptions.

In the end, it's important not to get hung up on the rating thing for too much. Just pick a system that works and trust your gut, if you can't decide on a rating after a few repeat listens. (Though usually tracks get better with more listens, rarely the other way around.)
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