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Here are some pictures of mine. The first picture is the entire collection, stored in plastic bins. The next pictures show some of the more interesting albums (obi up). I didn't bother photographing any doujins, since most people don't care about those

As for what I like to collect: mostly I'm interested in the systems I grew up playing, which for me is NES, SNES, Genesis and N64. Basically any soundtrack from those systems, either OST or arranged, is something I might look for.

I also really like old Final Fantasy games, up to FF X. For albums from those games, I'll look for both original pressings as well as reprints. In addition, I'm also interested in any doujin albums from those games. All in, I have a few hundred doujins (both FF and non-FF).

Organizationally, I like keeping albums with similar obis together. This makes it all look nice (IMO), as well as helping me determine whether an obi is faded (i.e. by having it next to similar, non-faded obis). For example, it's clear that some of the COCA obis are faded, as the red background behind the price is more washed out than on the other COCA obis.

One day, when my collection is more complete and I have more time, I'll photograph some of these from the front. Also for reference, my collection page is here:

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