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Rrolack, don't you love those albums with a "DERP" catalog number? Makes me laugh every time.

Not really collection pics, but this is my latest purchase, all bought together. Only Virtua Racing/OutRunners has the obi, and I noticed it has rounded corners. First time I see this. Also, it's just a tiny bit too tall to fit inside the case, that is extremly annoying... like those larger PS1 cases that hold two games -- those WON'T hold the obi inside, I hate them.

Oh and yeah, F/A System is a sample and I like samples, and I like F/A System. I'm glad it has a soundtrack because the annoying shot SFX in the game ruin it completely, especially if you play with the plane that shoots lasers. My theory is that they did it in purpose so you had to buy the soundtrack to enjoy the music.

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