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I've been casually collecting for maybe three years now, and I think I'm finally at the point where I can consider my collection 'complete'. I say 'complete' because there's still one or two I'd like to get my hands on but can't (I can't find that blasted Sonic Rush soundtrack anywhere), and there are some I might get in the future, like Octopath Traveler's, that I'm just not interested in getting at the moment because I haven't played the game the music is from yet. Anywho, here's a crappy attempt at snapping a picture or two of the entire collection, and I'll break it down from there. Apologies in advance for poor lighting/etc. It's a gloomy day, so lighting isn't ideal, and photography isn't my strong suit.

I'm surprised none of those CDs fell off my dresser while I was taking those pictures. You can probably see I'm not the type to keep the wrapping and whatnot on my CDs. I like listening to them in the car on my way to and from work. Breaking my collection down, we'll start with what I'll just call the 'tie-in' CDs that came as a bonus with games and such:

I used to have the Etrian Odyssey Untold 1 tie-in CD as well, but I got rid of it after I bought the actual soundtrack (as you'll see later). Next we have some random CDs that don't really fit into any particular group:

I decided to go with two and two for the next picture and pair the two Falcom soundtracks I own with the two Jet Set Radio soundtracks:

Some visual novel soundtracks next. The Dies Irae one on the left and the Clannad one on the right were from their respective Kickstarters. The Fata Morgana ones I bought specially:

I felt bad about this once I realized it, but I forgot to include the Subarashiki Hibi/Wonderful Everyday soundtrack with the other visual novel soundtracks. I decided to stick Undertale's soundtrack in a picture with it to give it some heartwarming company:

Keeping in with the visual novel theme, here are my Umineko soundtracks. One or two of these were a total pain to find. Took me a year of searching to find the one. Definitely some of the most valued pieces of my collection:

Atlus CDs up next. Used to have the tie-in CD that came with Persona 4 but I sold it. Kind of regret it, but I feel happy enough owning Persona 5's soundtrack:

I love Splatoon's music, so it was unthinkable for me not to get every CD (save for the first live CD, which I can live without):

The Octotune limited edition packaging disassembled:

Sonic music was a huge part of my childhood and it's still a huge part of my life today. Sonic's always had some of the best jams ever made in my book. So happy to own most (keyword most) of the best music from the series. The 1+2/CD/Mania soundtrack cover almost all of the best music from the originals, and Generations picks up the slack as far as more modern Sonics are concerned. My only regret is that Marble Garden Zone and Launch Base Zone aren't on any Sonic CD:

Moving into the final leg of the collection, we have all my Square-Enix CDs. First is a smattering of some standalone ones. Sigma Harmonics is what I'd consider the best Square-Enix soundtrack no one's heard, and the rest speak for themselves:

FFXIV has some of the best music in any game ever. There I said it. Every boss theme in the game is a banger, and there's so much variety. It's rather telling when I know the lyrics to every single song on these CDs and sing along to them on the regular:

And finally, gotta end it out with my main men Keiichi Okabe and Keigo Hoashi, the Drakengard/NieR power duo. Don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said about these soundtracks. Absolutely stunning all across the board. Also, Drakengard 3 has the only song that's ever made me burst into tears, so props for that:

The orchestral box set unboxed:

That was a fun trip through my collection! Here's to many years of fantastic VGM and many more to come!
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