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Originally Posted by layzee View Post
4. Translate/search through his .txt files (accompanied with .mp3) for interesting/useful information (1%).
Now that I've got the database set up, I'm ready to go through all of the text files. The text files are basically liner notes, except for individual tracks instead of albums. For that matter, I will also be looking through liner notes for actual albums (if available). It will probably take a while so check back once a week or so for new updates/translations.

Note that I won't be translating 100% of everything. For example, translating music theory or musical concepts from Japanese into English is hard enough when I barely get them in English itself so I will ignore them for the most part. But I will translate a decent amount of anything I think will be useful, enlightening, amusing and/or funny for the average S.S.H. fan. For a particularly insane example, consider: [SSH-0179] Cerberus´Ż×Hell Watchdog.

According to the liner notes, "Cerberus" is a 6-man ba... sorry, 6-dog band consisting of:

1. "Pochi" the lead guitar as well as head of the band - he also goes by the nickname "Pentatonic Pochi".

2. Pochi's close friend, brown-furred "John", nickname "Sonic Speed Harmonic Minor John", who is the other leader of Cerberus

At this point, he (i.e. Pochi) goes on a tangent and gives a brief basic music theory lesson on Pentatonics and Harmonic Minors. Names mentioned: Yngwie, Impellitteri, Timo Tolkki (of Stratovarius).

3. "Pess" AKA "Lead Killer Pess" who has the backing guitar role - he is usually a quiet dog but as a "Guitar Yakuza", his personality changes when he picks up a guitar. Pess used to be called "Orthrus" (note 1: Orthrus is the two-headed brother of three-headed Cerberus; note 2: Orthrus is mentioned in the Lost Child/Project Cerberus games) and at one point, was disbanded. In the younger days of "Cerberus" Pochi was looking for somedog to take up side guitar duties, and on one cold snowy day, he noticed Pess/Orthrus shivering inside a cardboard box on the side of the road. Sad

4. The "mood-maker" keyboardist "PAT-RUSH" AKA "Sleepy-Eye Pat" who has the talent of sleeping within three seconds. Pochi suggests that you don't mention the word "Nero" in front of Pat. Pat contributed the Rock Organ part of the song. He is also a Satanist, likes Satanic Metal, and for some reason, hates Angels.

5. Next is the foundation of the band "Yokota" who plays bass and drums. Also known as "Police Yokota", Yokota may or may not used to be a policedog and his special skill is biting. During live performances, he has a habit of playing as well as chewing the strings of the bass. Yokota respects Jimi Hendrix.

6. Finally, there is the brawny drummer "Goonta" or "Uragon" due to his split personalities: during the day he is "CM Dog" and munches on fake bones but when the moon is out, he becomes "HM Dog" and swaps them for drum sticks. On nights where there are no live performances or band practice, he seems to work as a bouncer (i.e. Yojimbo). His special skill is "Stick Blinding" (poking his drum sticks into the eyes of the unfortunate target).

In conclusion, Pochi and his eccentric band of heavy metal-loving canines hope you enjoy their debut song "Hell Watchdog".

Apart from that, I also dedicated a separate web page for my S.S.H. Collection. Missing the newer stuff (no issues here) but also still missing a few of the older stuff unfortunately.
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