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I hope this kind of entries are safe.
France do have plenty of Animation stuff & music (generally, musics were remade for the French population/kids)

I do think (and proud) that France have a good culture for anime & mangas.
I won't make an article about that.. but like we call it, "Japanimation" is famous here and it all started in the end of the 70's. (one of the most famous series was UFO Robot Grendizer -Goldorak here-)

France also collaborated with Japan for some very good animation, like "The Mysterious Cities of Gold", or "Ulysses 31".

Even if we maybe screwed up a bit in the beginning (especially on the dubbing), we always had a good interest about the anime here.

I am really curious to know more about the Animation Era/Culture on the others European countries, and if you guys had a lot of music stuff like us.
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