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And how long does it take to beat? A fraction of the time it takes to beat the main game. This is where i think your FFX-2 argument doesn't stand.
The officially estimated time is 30 hours, within which we can beat many of JRPGs, especially those of the earlier gens. Then again, time required is just one indicator.
FES is not a game on its own, the epilogue was also released as an add-on disc (in japan, as 'append edition') so that you don't have to buy a new full-price disc and beat the entire Persona 3 again if you already have.
That's correct, but I think the possibly most important part about it is we can also play only the Fes alone even if we purchases the combined edition, and that's why Fes remains a borderline case and was a latecomer entry (a half year after I added the P3 page...).

I'm not dismissing your point as wrong, but i think my argument is stronger.
No hard feelings.
I either don't intend to argue, since our decisions should ideally be made through a democratic process (although we sometimes take the personal preference of the core members) and when we face something undecidable, we should start a discussion to invite more opinions (and I did, but nobody at that point seemed to care ).

Persona 3 Fes might be lacking in some element as a full-fledged product like FFX-2 (which was also added later), but it's still not flat out disqualified as Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence. We've recently considered the necessity of giving some types of releases (e.g. an enhanced remake) a separate product slot, so I'll once again solicit more opinions from others (if nobody chimes in, Fes would be merged with P3).
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