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Default Professor Layton & the Bay Harbor Butcher

Physical copy doesn't have the instrumental version of Miss You, instead it has secret track, named (at least foobar automatically found the track names, I assume cdtext) --Secret Track-- Thank you for buying our album!
It's 4:08 in lenght. And digital album has that instrumental version of Miss You and 4 bonus tracks:
22 Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour 0:20
23 Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour (slow) 0:27
24 Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour (rock) 0:29
25 Reporter Marcus (Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour) 1:01

Composers for those tracks are: Quaid Atkinson: Sherlock Holmes Variety Hour
Paul "Juja" Mella: Reporter Marcus

So guess the digital needs it's own entry now? And I'll try to provide scans for this tomorrow, and perhaps get source/track title for that secret track.
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