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I downloaded the MIDI release of this back around the time it appeared, which I'm guessing isn't available anymore? It came with a text file with some information (might be useful, though you seem to have all this information already):

"Project Twinbee"
Composed/sequenced by Atsushi Fukai
Format: SMF format 0 (GM)
Sequenced with Roland SC-88
Publicized at the Game Music MIDI Station (

**Please do not repost**

1. Fanfare (fanfare.mid)
2. "Yume ga Yonderu" (yume.mid)
3. Coin (coin.mid)
4. Select screen (select.mid)
5. Stage 1 "Takeoff!" (twinbg1.mid)
6. Boss1 (boss1.mid)
7. Stage 2 "Aozora no Sanpo" (twinbg2.mid)
8. Boss2 (boss2.mid)
9. Stage 3 "Sky Chase" (twinbg3.mid)
10. Boss3 (boss3.mid)
11. Stage 4 "Stage 1" (twinbg4.mid)
12. Boss4 (boss4.mid)
13. Stage 5 "Fly Together!" (twinbg5.mid)
14. Boss5 (boss5.mid)
15. Stage 6 "Wings of Courage" (twinbg6.mid)
16. Boss (boss6.mid)
17. Stage Clear! (clear.mid)
18. Bonus Stage (bonus.mid)
19. Stage 7 "Yume ni Mukatte" (twinbg7.mid)
20. Final Battle! (boss7.mid)
21. Ending (ending.mid)
22. Score Ranking (ranking.mid)
23. Game Over (over.mid)

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