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Default What to use on the ARTIST tag when tagging?

This is something that has been bugging me for a while now, and I thought it could be nice to hear other opinions on the matter.
Imagine you have an album that credits an artist as an alias or just the unit he/she belongs to: what do you think should be put on the artist tag, if her/his identity is confirmed 100%?
Let's look at a good example: Castlevania 1. We know it was done by Kinuyo Yamashita, yet she's credited as James Banana in the game. Now take an album like Akumajo Dracula Best, and when tagging it you encounter 3 options:
- Kinuyo Yamashita; not "officially" credited on the original material yet confirmed from other sources.
- James Banana as credited in the game.
- Konami Kukeiha Club: as credited on the album booklet.

In my case, even though a bit strict, I'd probably settle for Kukeiha Club because that's credit from the album, but I don't know; I would also use Yamashita if it's known to be truelly her. Another case would be if I were to tag a game rip; in that case it would either James Banana or Kinuyo Yamashita.

What would be you choice?
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