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Originally Posted by Jodo Kast View Post
I can assure you that you are not missing anything relevant. It is unhealthy and a sort of "madness" for you to want "complete" scans of the booklet, since much of the booklet does not have anything useful.

The point of the booklet scans is to provide textual information. If the artwork is important, then you should buy the CD yourself.
The point Myrkul is making is, if we have a complete set of scans we know for sure all the info there is. Is something is missing we don't.
We need to label properly when a scan set isn't complete.

Some members, particulary for old albums, use scans to check if the copy they got from auctions is complete (ex.- we have obi scans, but their copy doesn't > incomplete, ripoff).
Other like myself read the JP liner notes to extract unlisted credits, which most owners can't do themselves, etc.

If you click on an scan you can see the number of views. It's almost always very low with like 3 views. Even popular albums like FF13 have only ~50.
In other words, I doubt anybody will use your scans for piracy and replacing the whole album without buying it.
Of course it's your choice to upload stuff or not, and completely reasonable and respectable. Just wanting to point out we use scans here for archiving, not collecting or piracy.

(BTW I added an English tracklist)

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