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I'm not clear, though, why it's legal to upload some information (the artwork) and illegal to upload other information (the music). I'm not implying the music should be available. I'm just curious as to why images (data) are somehow different from music (data). Both the music and the artwork were made by humans, which probably don't want their work copied.

Logically, one would surmise that uploading the cover art should be illegal, since it is a part of the album.

Also, logically, since you're archiving the artwork, you should also archive the music. Since the artwork is not being used for piracy, the music could also not be used for piracy. From this angle, it becomes clear that, through logic, there is something wrong with making a distinction between artwork and music.
With an album, the primary thing being sold is the music itself. The physical object (including artwork) is usually a secondary consideration. That's probably the main reason.
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