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Default Items for sale before they've even available...

I know I'm a cynical asshole and all sorts of other things, but really? Selling an item you have on preorder that you don't even have with a description that flaunts the fact that you're going to flip the album afterwards?

Come on... That just screams some sort of file trading motive. Could you be any more transparent? I'm not ignorant of all the file sharing and such that goes on within this whole scene; my issue has always been with those that flaunt it. I'm fine if you want to flip albums like that but have a bit of decency about it, for flips sake (pun intended).

... that being said, would it be prudent to disable being able to add albums to your sale list for things not yet released yet (in the future)? You really shouldn't be able to do this, regardless of your motive or views on the subject. You can't sell something you don't yet own.
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