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1) Why does it matter to you what others do with "their" purchases or, more specifically, pre-orders? From my point of view, a user shall be free to resell an album as soon as he/she gets it, if the need/desire arise. I don't see what harm might he/she do, apart from 'damaging' a few wallet(s), but still... all's good: some user willing to pay such prices, or get albums off him/her would still have to show up. Can't we all mind our own business? Calatia isn't really doing anything wrong. YOU are assuming some file-trading is going to happen, but can you really prove it?

2) If I'm not mistaken, that user once said in one of those threads that he/she tends to buy an album->make a digital copy->resell... So, I'd dare to say that what's currently pictured in the sale list above is the standard course of action for such person.
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