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I may have agreed with you at one point but now I don't. Why not forgo waiting to sell an album unless it is limited edition? If people can't sell albums after ripping them then you are arguing against the second-hand market or for DRM in vgm. As long as people aren't buying up all the copies and selling them back at overinflated prices I don't have a problem with it.

I had bought SYNTHESIZED3 for the Neo Contra OST pre-order bonus. I listened to SYNTHESIZED3 and realized I didn't like it. I sold it the same week to Calatia for a decent price to recoup some price losses. I still have WAVE files as I don't feel like deleting the few tracks I like. No need to justify this to anyone.

It makes no sense to wait till the album is OOP to sell it back and keep the files for a clear conscience (a process no one complains about).
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