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Default News for Japan goods importers: Japan Post parcel restrictions

23rd April Update: USA joins the "parcel restrictions" list. Spain and other minor countries also join the list.
[insert English ver. Japan Post URL here]

10th April Update: Several countries join the "heavy restriction of parcels" list: Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, amongst others.

As of the 2nd of April, Japan Post has implemented temporary restrictions on parcels going into and out of Japan.

The main takeaways are:

1) Severe restrictions on more than a hundred countries, including a handful like New Zealand which is basically blacklisted.
2) Economy SAL is no longer available so buying cheap Japanese stuff got that little bit more expensive.
3) Apart from the point 2 restriction above, most first world countries (USA, UK, etc) can still continue to trade parcels with Japan. The unlucky exceptions include Ireland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, etc.

These changes are already reflected in most of the Japanese sellers on eBay (that I've seen) as well as proxy/intermediary websites.

For specific details about your particular country, see the .pdf in the link above.
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