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  • Albums now use the release display title if they're linked to only one specific release. Same for products reverse propagation.
  • Added Brazil region/currency.
  • Tweaked product order in franchises for unspecified dates. (
  • Organization assign will now correctly handle the "Org (Role)" format if it's used in the field.
  • Fixed wrong "Credited works" count in artists with linked products.
  • Fixed "Add to Artist Database" batch form not showing up with unlinked artists. Also added to product entries.
  • Fixed unit sub-roles not being displayed correctly when both the unit and artist were also linked as another role. (
  • Fixed tri-state checkboxes in advanced search retaining their state when going back to the page despite appearing unselected.
  • Added a staff page to change the parent role of a role alias without having to relink all the entries, and also preserving the role order in each entry.
  • You can no longer delete a role if it's linked to at least one album or product.
  • Deleting a linked role alias will give a warning and offer an option to change all the alias links to the main role.
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