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  • Added a comment field to all new entry and edit pages. This field is required for non-trusted users but we also recommend everyone to use it.
    The comment is displayed on the history, and can contain source links. Clicking the "Discuss" link in the history will create a thread to discuss a specific group of changes.
  • Submitted and edited links are automatically queued for archiviation on the Wayback Machine, preventing important data and sources from being lost forever.
    This also applies to links used in the comment field mentioned above.
  • Added OpenGraph support to artists, organizations, products and releases.
  • Editing an entry at the same time as someone else will now give a warning instead of silently overriding all the previous changes.
  • Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon links are now automatically cleaned up from certain parameters and unneeded data.
    Also added a staff page to automatically clean existing links.
  • Fixed entries appearing under the "Featured On" section of artists when they were set as featured to only some of the linked roles.
  • Fixed related albums not working when using characters like < or " in the product field.
  • Removed release platform from product list in albums when just one release is selected.
  • The "Highest Rated Artist" statistic page and the "Weighted Album Rating" on artists were disabled due to performance reasons.
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