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  • Added a list of blacklisted sources that can't be used in edit comments.
  • Added a webarchive quick link next to all links added/edited after the last update. (thanks nextday!)
  • Added edit arrow for new entries in the "Recent Updates" page, making it easier to check submit comments.
  • Edited links are now archived even if the URL didn't change. Doing this on old links will add the webarchive quick link.
  • Long links are now shortened when used in comments.
  • Fixed quick album search matching a lot of partial barcodes when the search query is too short.
  • Fixed organization assign not recognizing commas correctly.
  • The comment is now required for everyone instead of just non-trusted users.
    For trusted+ there's a new "Allow Empty Comments" option in the usual gear icon on the top right that you can enable if you need to do some maintenance edits, or if you're just fixing some small things. Doesn't require a page reload so you can enable it while you're on the edit page after seeing the error.
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