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  • Improved backend performance for album, artist and product pages.
  • Greatly improved frontend performance for the artists assign page. The role search can now also find single-kanji roles like 歌.
  • Added an option to artists mass add to handle different roles separated by a middle dot (作曲・編曲), rather than being part of the role name (レコーディング・エンジニア).
  • Added a "Check for Missing Roles" button to artists mass add, can be used to check if all roles are in the database without actually linking the artists.
  • Fixed translation search not returning the translation for subtracks.
  • Added link support for DIVERSE DIRECT (thanks Fivda!), TANO*C store, Melonbooks and Toranoana (thanks nextday!)
  • Improved the error message for deleted advanced search IDs.
  • Discord feeds are now slightly delayed in order to give time to the submitter to add more information, or fix a wrong category.
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