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  • Unit members in credits can now be linked to the unit on a specific role, to solve issues when the unit is linked to multiple roles. (Issue #78)
  • Added roles to Advanced Search. (Issue #75)
  • Added original title to event pages. (Issue #54)
  • Improved role matching when searching in the role dropdown. (Issue #64)
  • Improved how artist aliases inherit the parent data. Now if one field is set on a multiple one (for example, just the birth year), the rest of the related fields aren't inherited.
  • Fixed long japanese titles not getting shortened correctly. (Issue #57)
  • Fixed draft -> draft copy not preserving role order. (Issue #80)
  • Added link to the role request thread to the "Role not found" error. (Issue #74)
  • Improved handling of "co., ltd." and similar formats in organizations and artists fields.
  • Regular users can no longer submit incomplete tracklists (Issue #72)
  • Added a warning when submitting a duplicate role alias.
  • When using the "Add Alias" button for units, "Unit Alias" is now selected instead of just "Alias".
  • Fixed mass add parser for roles starting with "by" or "at".
  • Fixed mass add parser for suffixes containing a parenthesis.
  • Added staff tool to move artist credits to aliases. (Issue #73)
  • Greatly improved the user submissions page performance.
  • Several small fixes and improvements to the new features from the last update.

Added 12/20
  • Improved the role dropdown search. It's now faster, and relevant matches are moved to the top of the list.
  • Improved the performance of the artists-assign page.
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