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  • Improved the alias display for artists when aliases have the same name as the entry, or when the artist has multiple aliases with the same English name but different Original spelling. (Issue #82)
    Examples: Wataru Maeguchi, Gen Okamura
  • Added new draft icons and the status of drafts in the user page. Thanks cal! (Issue #61)
  • Added "Exact Match" option to album platform in Advanced Search. (Issue #40)
  • The Mass Add parser will not automatically set certain roles (Original Composer, Original Lyricist) to featured automatically. (Issue #92)
  • Added a new field for artists and organizations to set a death/stop date even if the year is unknown, for example Azusa Hara. (Issue #56)
  • Renamed "Publisher" field for albums to "Organizations".
  • Fixed album bbcode for releases not displaying in products. (Issue #90)
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