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  • When previewing a draft on a entry, you will now see a new Compare section detailing missing artists, new ones, and modified ones. (Issue #70)
    This will be improved in the future to add more checks, but we recommend everyone (including trusted+) to use this feature when updating artists on an existing entry.
  • Added a warning for missing artists when submitting a draft to an existing entry. (Issue #117)
  • Added artist disambiguation. (Issue #24)
  • Moved drafts apply/reject to a different tab in Recent Updates. (Issue #116)
  • Added drafts to user submissions page. (Issue #118)
  • The apply checkbox is no longer checked for artists with 0 works under that specific role. (Issue #107)
  • Drafts applied by trusted+ are auto-approved in the modqueue. (Issue #111)
  • Greatly improved the role dropdown search and fixed several issues with it.
  • Added warning for skipped lines to the mass add parser. (Issue #103)
  • Added [role] internal linking to role descriptions. (Issue #102)
  • Added a limit of 25 drafts per user (50 for trusted+), and made deleting a draft quicker.
  • Added total album length and amount of tracks for multi-disc albums. (Issue #113)
  • Added an icon to show wishlist items that are also included in your collection. (Issue #110)
  • Added DLsite icon (thanks Fivda!)
  • Fixed artist suffix not appearing when assigned to an unit on a different role (Issue #109)
  • Improved artist matching when using the Original field. (Issue #106)
  • Changed "Other Spellings" artists section to case insensitive. (Issue #105)
  • Drafts can no longer be submitted to child albums.
  • Added New Zealand country/currency.
  • Several fixes and improvements to the drafts functionality.
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