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  • Added a way to sort role/album links by modified date.
  • It's now possible to click on a role alias in the role page to filter the list by that alias only.
  • Added a trusted editor+ option at the bottom of Artists Assign to convert roles to their Japanese equivalent.
  • Added LINE MUSIC and KKBOX link icons. (thanks Fivda!)
  • Inactive album notes are no longer matched by the artist's Suggest Link tool.
  • Tweaked product matching by ignoring the text in parentheses when it's too short, like (TV).
  • Fixed duplicate edit comment on adding new media. (Issue #41)
  • Fixed tab switching in products not appearing if one release has no artist links but different notes. (Issue #53)
  • Fixed mass add parsing when using lines like "Role by : artist". (Issue #136)
  • Fixed organizations field name on submission page. (Issue #154)
  • Fixed role image "Set Default" when using multiple role images.
  • Fixed advanced artist search not matching special characters like & correctly.
  • Fixed deleted albums appearing as pending with no draft to regular users. (Issue #132)
  • Fixed modqueue error with deleted websites. (Issue #124)
  • Added Philippines country/currency. (Issue #131)
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