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Originally Posted by KeyLogic View Post
DJMAX PORTABLE Original Sound Tracks
In my opinion, the vibe of this track is similar to a lot of newer Falcom music, such as from the Legend of Heroes series. Though naturally, it also sounds similar to a few tracks from the Bemani games too. Actually, it just finally hit me that Granado Espada might be exactly what you're looking for. I think ESTi even worked on that soundtrack as part of soundTeMP. Here's a sample track. Though if you like violin in general, check out Masashi Hamauzu's newer stuff.

Originally Posted by KeyLogic View Post
Battle with Zero - by Shinji Hosoe(?)
Megaman Network Transmission
Anything by Shinji Hosoe or Manabu Namiki of course. You may want to track down the little-known Xenosaga II game rip, which has Shinji Hosoe's music for the game. It was never released on an album.

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