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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Another obscure game to add to the list is Tsukibito (NDS), which he did fully I think, it had some good tracks (no clips I could find).
He really needs to score something more prominent .
Apparently that's obscure enough to not be listed on the Wikipedia page either. So I guess I'll add that to the list (of Hirota stuff that needs listening to).

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
yorlga was a bit meh, but I find Mitose's voice kind of grating
I haven't heard of that particular album yet but as a person who only listens to Japanese music and is used to female singers, even I found her voice on "One-Winged Bird" to be a little too high for my tastes, as good as that track is.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
(or should I say SHIT? )
By the way, for those of you don't get the "joke", due to the perceived lack of actual album discussions on vgmdb, I invited people to this thread. I was inspired to encourage people to begin their opinions with "x is shit" since, as evidenced by the Soukaigi thread, that is apparently an effective way of stirring debate/responses.

Originally Posted by dissident93 View Post
Is it like the female vocal style Mitsuda uses often? (Since he worked him on some projects, I'm assuming at least their styles mesh some what.) I only know the music to Shadow Hearts and Bomberman 64, admittedly only because Mitsuda worked on these.
I suppose you could say that Kinema in the Hole and Kirite (by Mitsuda) share some similarities. Both are concept non-video game albums that pair a video game music composer with a female singer. As for the vocals itself, I'm not the right sort of person to analyse it (to me, vocals are just vocals), but I don't see any major differences. But as saidearlier, some parts of KitH are a bit darker in tone (unlike Kirite which is mostly relaxing), and likewise, the singing sounds quite a bit more, for lack of better words, "edgy" and "emotional". If one likes Hirota's music and has a reasonably open mind, then I don't see why anyone would dislike the album.
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