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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
Looks like things are getting serious now:
I have such conflicting feelings right now. On the one hand, that's a lot of Mitsuda (and what we see is only part of the whole score which isn't finished recording yet).

On the other hand, it's all manuscript, likely implying it's all orchestral stuff. The sample at the end of the XB2 trailer is really beautiful, but my favorite Mitsuda work is always of a hybridized, mixed folk/ethnic/electronic/rock/jazz influence. It's very rhythmic, tuneful, wild, and occasionally dangerous. Can't I hear more like these?:

Illegal Messenger
Blitzkreig (Armodyne, PS2)
West Tumbara (Dark)
Path to Enlightenment
Old Smudged Map
Battle of the 4 Deadly Sins
The Test


All perfect for the Xeno universe.

Maybe it's not all for the orchestra and he's recording with other ensembles in the same studio. (fingers crossed)

Thanks for pointing this out LiquidAcid. It's great news either way. Mitsuda has always put in a huge effort for his friend Takahashi.
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