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Wow there's a lot of salt for Sawano being hired for XenobladeX in past messages here. Can't say I'm surprised lmao.

Anyway, I've recently been listening to a bunch of Mitsuda's music on YouTube, mainly stuff on recommendations from some of my friends. I've been really interested in his music recently because I want to get into new composers.

I plan on playing Xenogears and Xenosaga sometime soon, so I'll probably end up getting the XG and XS1 OSTs, but I also plan on getting his Colours of Light album to give me a compilation of some of his vocal songs. I've heard a few tracks from the Valkyria Azure Revolution OST on YouTube and really liked those. A friend of mine told me it's worth getting the OST and not playing the game, which is kind of amusing to hear.

Though my main point of posting here is this:

I was wondering if anyone here could recommend some of his "best works" to me, since I think it'd be kind of difficult to go through his entire discography at this stage, considering its size. I've been really interested in his music as of late, and I know that he's one of the biggest game OST composers in the industry. So any suggestions anyone can offer would be great.
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