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Well thanks guys, this'll help me a lot since I didn't really have much of an idea where to start, haha.

I've loved what I've heard from Xenoblade 2. I never really got into Beyond the Sky from the first game until recently either, so nothing has especially "amazed" me until now. Have heard tracks here and there from the games that are considered "classics" though, like Chrono Trigger and such. I think I took a listen to a bit of his work from Episode Ignis and Another Eden too. Really liked what I heard there, so I figured I'd come here to ask.

On another, note, I figured I'd post this here since it's quite heavily related to Mitsuda.

A few friends and I found all the track names for the Xenoblade 2 OST, in both English and Japanese, along with all of the composer credits for the tracks. Seems like Mitsuda did 30 tracks in total, which is more than what I expected. For those interested, check this post I made on the XC2 sound selection CD discussion:
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