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Default P.O. Issue / Super Giant Games

I have a rather interesting story involving the post office and some soundtracks from Super Giant Games.

Late in March I ordered a copy of the Pyre and Transistor soundtracks. The albums left CA on the 23rd and ended up in my home state on the 28th. However, once they reached the second to last stop before getting delivered, it stalled out at the Pittsburgh branch. I didn't want to be an alarmist but after checking the tracking for so long I eventually got a notice to call a number regarding the package.

I called the number and got treated to a story. It turns out they couldn't deliver my package because a another customer's poorly packaged package exploded next to mine when it entered a machine and doused it. The catch here is the liquid in the other package contained mercury of all things, so the package couldn't be delivered and obviously had to be destroyed.

There are a few things here. First is I'd really hate to be the other person who sent that other package. I mean sending a liquid that contains hazmat level chemicals may be enough to result in something the like a fine. The person I was talking to was pretty clear that there was going to be consequences for the person that mailed it. Additionally, while I'd hate to see ANY soundtrack get ruined in the mail, at least this was something inexpensive and easily replaceable. I mean given the price of some of the albums I've been tracking down and have been wanting to track down, at least this happened to a package with a net worth of $30.

Anyway, I was on the phone with the post office and on the net with Super Giant games and I was able to get everything hammered out. I guess I mainly wrote this to entertain and inform that SuperGiantGames will help you out in such a situation as their website implies.

Lastly, I do have to point out given how many CDs I've procured over the years though the mail (obviously not all VGM) this is the first time were anything of this nature has really occurred, so dispute such an unlucky thing happening I do kind of have to also take it as a indirect win.

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