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Originally Posted by Aifread View Post
No, Akumajo Dracula X *IS* Rondo of Blood. That's the Japanese title (minus the subtitle 血の輪廻) and that's the game that's represented here along with Vampire Killer/Bloodlines. The game known in the west as Castlevania: Dracula X is called Akumajo Dracula XX in Japan. And besides, you've got it backwards; Dracula X is a re-imagining of Rondo of Blood, not the other way around -- also this album predates Dracula X as has already been pointed out in this thread. The only argument I can see for not calling this album Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is the fact that the 血の輪廻 subtitle is absent in the Japanese name, but even so, that's clearly the game they named it after since no other game in the Akumajo Dracula X "series" (such as SotN) is represented or even existed at this time. As for Vampire Killer/Bloodlines, that feels more like a bonus here than the main event.
Ah crap, your right, I did get them mixed up.
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