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The link is back up

Which is a translation of this page from the guidebook:

Note how the english name is "Dracula-X Reincarnation of Blood"

"Rondo of Blood" may have been adopted by Konami very late, after seeing how everybody called it that, but I don't think it came from an official source. Also, it's used in that official link but has it actually been used in-game? Hmm.... I remember the N64 episode being spelled Castle Vania by several Konami sources

Q: I understand that the Dracula X development was going on at the same time as two other Akumajou games for different consoles?

A: Yes, at Konami there was the X68000 game (released 7/93), the Megadrive game (Vampire Killer, scheduled for release in 1994), and the PC Engine game development all going on at the same time. It didn’t really feel like we were competing. At least, I think that’s the case… (laughs)

Since he says "released 7/93" in the past and "scheduled for release in 1994" in the future, I take it the interview was done in between this period (that is, after early October 93, that's the release date of Dracula X), when it was already known that the MD game would be delayed, and he doesn't know the day or even the month.
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