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Stumbled on Ryoji Iuchi's Youtube Channel recently, turns out just created a playlist called "my works: Super Monkey Ball 2". In it includes:

World 4 - Inside the Whale
World 5 - Amusement Park
World 7 - Bubbly Washing Machine
World 8 - Clock Tower
Monkey Race 2 Advanced Track
Monkey Race 2 Beginner Track
Monkey Race 2 Expert Track
Monkey Target 2
Monkey Golf 2
Title Screen
Monkey Boat - Expert Course
Monkey Boat - Advanced Course
Monkey Shot - Expert Stage
Monkey Shot - Advanced Stage
Monkey Shot - Beginner Stage
Of course, that's a 100% match with above minus a few extras (maybe he was picking favorites, or just ones he could find). Just thought it would be worth noting! I updated his page with his YouTube channel which has been fairly active recently. He has playlists of his works from a bunch of other games too, though I'm not sure which of these are newly confirmed.
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