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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Well, that album has a Final Fantasy VII track. I think it would be of interest to someone who was looking for Final Fantasy fan arranges, so we wouldn't want it to be excluded from their searches just because of their filter settings.

Note: I haven't experimented enough to determine when unclassified albums are filtered. We should probably set up a few use cases. Maybe the Classification (Original, Arrange, Drama, etc.) should be added to the filter.
Well yes, it should definitely specify both. That's why I think that the "color coding" is too simple to be the basis of filtering since it only gives ONE view of an album. I'm strongly in favor of Classification as filter (already suggested it to Blah). Maybe set up a rule like "if [Arrange] is included, ignore [Work] filter" so people filtering out [Work] wouldn't miss out on the FFVII arrangement on this album.
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