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Very informative ep; though Akuma -- don't you think you've been pitching MintJam a bit too hard there? Maybe they're the best group out there in your opinion, but they're certainly not the most popular.

Anyone into doujin music -- VGM arrangements or not -- should know that IOSYS is BY FAR the most popular doujin circle out there (F-O-E, anyone?). MintJam doesn't even come close. And honestly, even when it comes to rock/metal arrangements I'm positive that S.S.H. (Saitama Saisyu Heiki) is more popular amongst actual VGM fanatics as well (though after listening to some of MintJam's albums I can totally understand why they would have some appeal to non-VGM fans as well, which I can't really say about S.S.H.).

I personally did not find out about MintJam until one or two months ago because they composed the very Guilty Gear-esque soundtrack to Million KNights Vermilion, but I've been a fan of S.S.H. for years now.

Anyway, since you've managed to mention MintJam in every ep so far (there's even been some redundant information), maybe it's time to cut back a little?

Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm perfectly fine with the random banter in the beginning. It adds a bit of extra personality to the podcast and if anyone has a problem with it they can just skip past it (that's the beauty of podcasts versus radio).
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