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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I didn't know this was happening so often. Maybe we need to add "Please don't guess the catalog number for upcoming releases."
Well, I didn't intend to say it happened often. Given my limited data gathering ability, it's arrogant of me to say people speculate the catalog numbers just because I can't find any evidence, and even in the case which turned out to be wrong the publisher might have changed the number from the initial announcement. However, I still sometimes have to wonder where this number comes from in or outside of VGMdb (...another reason why I'm not terribly up for this is because the line between guessing and logical thinking can be seen as fine. Do we have a problem with adding Square Enix as the publisher, when a new album with the SQEX stem but no publisher information is added by casual submitters?).

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Yeah, we had a discussion about this in one of the album threads.
I think it's here.

With regard to the LC- stem, I'm not sure if we should be picky about the hyphen in particular, when Konami also has a different policy for the number repetition.
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