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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
I for one always liked the idea of basically going strictly with STEM-NUMBER(~NUMBER) since it makes things sort nicely and look neat.
I'm not at all opposed to this, the issue that has been brought up is that we would need to start listing permutations of catalog numbers.

Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
With regard to the LC- stem, I'm not sure if we should be picky about the hyphen in particular, when Konami also has a different policy for the number repetition.
This is true, we don't, which creates an issue with searching similar to the one that has been brought up (only effects multidisc albums though, and searching for the first part of the catalog number works.) So, the question is do we want to make '[STEM]-[CAT#]' the standard formatting for catalog numbers? If yes, we should keep LC the way it is, if no they should be fixed.
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