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Originally Posted by Porter View Post
I am curious if Amano & TEHO will be involved as Sagisu arrangers.
JOJO will be probably without Iwasaki but if they brought back Matsuo or anyone from IMAGINE it would be great.
If Sagisu does orchestral at all for Black Bullet, Amano will be there

And I think that they won't get neither Iwasaki or Matsuo back, but use new composer this time. Iwasaki for sure isn't coming back, unless he and production has cleared all the drama that was around last year.

Originally Posted by leatherhead333 View Post
If there is one composer who i hope eventually gets more active again it's Kotaro Nakagawa. I'm disappointed we aren't getting anything new from him again this season. I think his recent stuff has been great and a breath of fresh air from the usual stuff we get each season.
Nakagawa would be interesting choice for example latest JoJo :P But yeah, he needs more work outside of those Kamen Rider series he does. Perhaps Goro Taniguchi needs to direct new anime series again.
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