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I think a good alternative is, while the thread is relatively small (and growing slowly), for someone to go through all the pages (and periodically in the future), collect all the seller and/or buyer user names, count all the feedback, and edit all the information into the first post of this thread. Most forums with a marketplace but without a dedicated feedback forum or feedback system (due to relatively lower amounts of activity) do this.

Originally Posted by dancey View Post
My first inclination when dealing with an unknown seller or buyer is to check their profile, so seeing something on their wall that says successful transaction is a lot lore convenient than having to read through these 3+ pages (and growing).
The above suggestion that takes care of the "wading through the thread" problem for everybody (i.e. one person does it so everyone else doesn't have to).

Originally Posted by dancey View Post
See my profile for an examPle, I'm asking that people I interact with post there instead of here. It's worth consideration
Your suggestion is also not unreasonable but a point worth considering is that user profiles can only be viewed by existing members. Not sure if it happens in reality but it may be possible for potential buyers who are not registered to find a soundtrack they want (the marketplace section is open to the public) but want to check the seller's feedback (user profiles not open to public) before committing to the purchase or before committing to opening an account. Of course, they'll need to open an account anyway to communicate with the seller (unless the seller lists his/her e-mail) but again, it's a point to consider.

But leaving feedback is voluntary anyway so feel free to post on my profile instead if you prefer!
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