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Bought Crossfire Barrage (20 USD) and Shinya (25 USD) from Jodo Kast on August 9, 2011.
Received the items this weekend (most likely Saturday, the one day I wasn't at home). Pretty reasonable prices. Shipping was cheap (3 USD!) and the package came before the claimed "early next week" timeframe. Items arrived as described, mint with obi, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed in a bubble-lined envelope.

Bought Phantasmagoria Mystical Expectation (12 USD) and Touhou Hardcore Night (12 USD) from Carl on August 17, 2011.
4 USD for shipping. Hell, he even rushed it down to the post office after I paid in the afternoon. Extremely low prices on the doujin stuff, also.
The goods came in a box, with the albums themselves in a sleeve of good old bubble wrap. Albums came with obi, and both were carefully slipped into the plastic that originally sealed the album.

Bought Guilty Gear XX Original Soundtrack (20 USD) from Crash on August 22, 2011.
Shipping was $2, came in great condition, bubble wrap, you know the deal by now.

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