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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
It should only apply to live-action films, like the American Street Fighter movie.
Okay. I had less of a sense of what's called as Animation.

I feel more comfortable with using "Works" only when the product field is blank, but I think that depends on how to use that field and what's the product we will cover (it remains less clear whether we should put the game's name and platform to the anime/movie adaption entries or not. We could also argue even the concert series, the ballet, or the theater is the product).

Speaking of the color, as I posted somewhere else, I prefer to give higher priority to the colors of Animation and Doujin/Fanmade than that of Enclosure/Promo because the category matters more to me than how it's distributed. This is just my personal preference, though. Perhaps we need to reconsider whether the promo/enclosure deserves its own color coding or not (I think some icons like "P" ultimately works better, as we do for the reprint).
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