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Even though she seems not to be credited here, Barbara Cohen did the English version of "Time Is Changing". You can see her credited in a couple different places.

Her voice is also pretty distinguishable on her site.

Chiyo Yano sang the Japanese versions (which also have English vocals).

EDIT: While I'm here, I went to make some English name readjustments, but stopped about halfway because the discrepancies aren't really name differences, but more like translation concerns, and other translations seem a little... wordy, or awkward.

Track 101 might better be "Neverending Adventure"?
In track 103, 予感 means premonition, which would really make it more like "Premonition of Something Going to Happen".
In track 113, 地下水 seems to be "underground water", which would probably make "channel" a rough translation of 道, since the ingame area is the "Underground Water Channel".
Track 123 I don't understand, but there is no Charlotte in Dark Cloud 2. That music's area, however, is "Sindain".
Track 124 might better be "Rainbow Butterfly Forest" (Rainbow Butterfly Woods is its area in the game).
Track 126, I'm not sure what "na na hi ge" would translate to, but it's not any name I recognize. I remember it playing for the Furbits ingame.
Track 127, the tree spirit's name is Jurak (I changed this one, dunno why I felt compelled to lol).
Track 132 is pretty cute. "Scale" not meaning a fish scale in this case, but like a scale to -balance- something on. てんびん, which would be "balance", probably... since the ingame area is "Balance Valley".

I won't do them all; a more trusted editor might want to look over them.

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