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Default Trying to find a 1990s VGM, will pay $100 USD via Paypal to 1st person who can help

UPDATE: Found it! Wolfchild on the Sega CD, Track 5


In the early 1990s (I'm guessing 1993), I heard a piece of VGM while on hold placing an order at the Die Hard Game Club.

This piece of music has eluded me since then and I'm hoping one of the experts here can help me solve this multi-decade mystery once and for all!

The instruments sound like a cross between something from Wolfteam, Falcom, Zuntata or Shadow Dancer (Mega Drive).

I will send $100 USD via Paypal to the first person who can post the answer (no joke, for real)! My recollection of this song is in the video link below (the song starts out quiet and then begins with this bass line at the beginning):

Thank you for your help!


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